Who’s on your estate planning team?

Estate Planning for your family with a Financial Advisor

It takes a village to raise a child, right? And it takes a team of people in the professional services industries to help that child earn a good income, invest wisely, grow their wealth base and support their own family. It also takes a supportive team of caring experts to help that person decide what should happen in the event of their own death – and to ensure those wishes are carried out.

That’s what estate planning is all about, and it’s the realm of Poole Advisory Principal Financial Adviser Anthony Poole & Anthony Fondacaro from Legacy Wills and Estates. The two Anthonys got together to discuss the importance of estate planning. Part 4 in the series looks at who you need on your team, and why they’re important.

As we state over on our estate planning services page

“Together, we can help you organise your power of attorney and wills to ensure you are prepared for the future.”

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Anthony Poole:  I’m Anthony Poole from Poole Advisory, and I’m here today with Anthony Fondacaro, the principal from Legacy Wills and Estates. Anthony is giving us a bit of insight information on wills and estate planning. 

Anthony Fondacaro: I think the one thing to keep in mind – as I mentioned previously – is having your trusted advisors available to your beneficiaries. And having and relying on those trusted advisors to tell you all about these things and to help you operate them does take a lot of the guesswork away.

How does everyone work together in estate planning?

Anthony Poole:  It’s pretty important to have that team around you, isn’t it? 

Anthony Fondacaro: Yes, it is.

Anthony Poole: Understanding the journey from the start to the finish. And all working together and not actually pulling each other in different angles on the common goal of what the client’s actually wanting to achieve. 

Anthony Fondacaro: Yes, I think one of the best things about working with financial advisors like yourself is that we are already establishing those relationships – with the financial advisors and the accountants – to make sure that we are all on board with exactly what we are implementing. Because the decisions we make with the testators now are going to have significant impacts for generations to come, potentially.


How do I start my estate planning journey?

Anthony Poole:  If I can help you in preparing and helping you navigate this estate plan journey, feel free to give us a quick call. Or please reach out to Anthony from Legacy Wills and Estates.

[Transcript end]

In any important decision, it’s essential that you gather around you the expertise you need to make the choices that are best for you and your loved ones. Estate planning is no different. To pull together the team you need to ensure your affairs are in order, so as not to place unnecessary burden on your loved ones after your death, get in touch with Poole Advisory today.

For more information on how Poole Advisory can help you protect your assets and investments for your intended recipients in the event of your death, get in touch today or book an appointment.

This was the final instalment of our video series on estate planning with Anthony and Anthony. Revisit parts 1 to 3 on our blog page and explore the further resources on financial planning and financial management.


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