How to best protect your wealth: is insurance the answer?

Without a regular income, covering basic expenses can be very tricky for anyone. Bills, groceries, rent – these things are essential for a comfortable life. Plus, if you have a home loan to pay off and a family to provide for, things just get even more complicated from there

Can you imagine how stressful it would be to afford your living expenses if you had no income?

If you and your family significantly rely on one family member’s salary to provide the basic living costs, it may be worth exploring how income protection insurance can provide peace of mind.

What is income protection insurance?

As the name suggests, if you fall ill or get hurt and are otherwise unable to work, an income protection policy provides income insurance.

Income protection is a type of life insurance that provides income for an individual when they are unable to work due to illness or injury. 

What does income protection insurance cover?

The standard income protection cover allows you to claim 70% of your regular pre-tax income. It could be the ideal level of cover for your living expenses to be taken care of while you’re unable to work. 

It’s important to evaluate your personal insurance needs to make an informed decision on which income protection cover would be most suited to you. If you need guidance, it may be best to seek expert advice from a financial adviser.

However, if you feel you won’t need that much coverage, it’s possible to choose a lower benefit instead. That said, it’s always best to check the PDS (product disclosure statement) to see what a specific insurance policy covers.

The insurance cover works like receiving a work salary does: it is usually paid monthly.

How much should an income protection policy be? How much does income protection cost?

The cost of your income protection insurance policy will depend on many factors: the provider, the policy, your salary, and the level of cover you decide on.

When setting the level of coverage you get from an income protection policy, it’s key to strike a balance. 


Too little cover won’t be financially beneficial or provide the peace of mind you need; too high and premiums will be expensive and outweigh the cost to benefit ratio.

It may be worthwhile starting from your existing budget and take the following into consideration:

  • Living expenses (groceries, bills, rent, petrol)

  • General loan repayments

  • Monthly mortgage

  • Possible medical bills

  • School feels (if children are in the picture) 

While income protection insurance can seem expensive, a financial planner can support you to analyse the cost to benefit ratio of your personal situation and find the right wealth protection solution.

Need financial advice related to wealth protection and income protection insurance?

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