Estate Planning

Estate planning can help protect your assets and investments for your intended recipients in the event of your death.

The estate planning process is important for everyone. It doesn’t matter how little or how much money you have.

It is an important process as it can help to lessen the legal burden for surviving family members, as well as minimise family disputes and unnecessary costs at what would already be a difficult and emotional time.

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At Poole Advisory, we can help you create an
effective estate plan that clearly outlines
how you want your assets distributed.

Here are some things that an effective estate plan 

should consider:

Last Will and Testament + Power of Attorneys

If you die without a Will or with an invalid Will, your assets may not go to who you want them to. Having an updated Will and testament is a crucial step in estate planning, however, it is not the only element. Giving someone the power of attorney can allow them to make decisions on your behalf – an essential part of estate planning that should be well considered to protect your family from an uncertain financial future.

Superannuation Beneficiaries

Another important element of estate planning is to choose who your superannuation will go to when you die. Contrary to common belief, your superannuation doesn’t automatically go to your estate. Your superannuation will likely go to your spouse and children unless otherwise specified. You may choose to make beneficiary nominations, choosing a superannuation beneficiary.

Funeral Instructions

Making your funeral plans clear within your estate plan can ensure you have the funeral you want and you can also include financial support to take the stress away from your family and loved ones in what is an already emotional, challenging time.

Save your loved ones from additional stress with family estate planning.

At Poole Advisory, we can help you secure your financial decisions and your family’s peace of mind with our estate planning services in the Southern Highlands and Bowral.

We work closely with estate planning lawyers to protect your assets from unexpected complications. Together, we can help you organise your power of attorney and wills to ensure you are prepared for the future.

For estate planning services in Bowral or Sydney, contact our financial advisers. call (02) 9063 5978 or book your appointment online today.